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It is located in the southeast of the province of Santa Fe, 346 km away from the city of Buenos Aires (the country´s Capital). The village dates back to 1777, it was declared Head of the Department General Lopez (Santa Fe Province) in 1886 and currently has a population of 2200 inhabitants. Wetland Laguna Melincué, possessing a Natural Protected Area through provincial and international laws its located in its district.

The town sits on the banks of Laguna Melincué, immersed in a predominantly farming region. The Wetland has a mirror of 8000 hectares, of tourism at regional level and relevance of international importance by the Group of resident and migratory birds (mainly waterfowl) that occur in the natural area of its drainage basin.

Melincué is Chief of Police- VIII Regional Unit, courts, banks, hoteliers, establishments, sports grounds (circuit Motorcross and Quat, football courts, tennis, etc.), bowling dance, Camping and Casino.



Melincué is one of the most beautiful sites in the South of Santa Fe province. The location provides peace and calm for tourists arriving throughout the year.

It is the oldest population in the South of Santa Fe, so it has a rich history. The first population settlement dates from the year 1777, establishing a Fort for filling a post of the Virreynato of the Rio de la Plata system.

The Government House of Melincué was founded on September 3rd, 1886 by provincial law, which declares it the Head town of the Department General López.

From the beginning, the town received numerous amounts of travelers from different parts of the country, mainly in the city of Buenos Aires and Rosario.

The idiosyncrasies of the town is particular, characterized by an active social life, concentrated mainly at the weekends. Mornings in the week have a marked pace by baking institutions, the courts, the VIII Regional Unit Police Station, API, Peace Judgement, Government House of Melincué offices. Evenings are typical of people, we must highlight the security on the streets, the way of life of Melincué has a mixture of recreational sport and relaxation.

Life in the open air and the healthy exercise lovers will find in Melincué the possibility of performing a wide variety of sports and activities: tennis, paddle, football 5, gymnastics, swimming, pilates, spinning, spa; you can also enjoy the sun on one side of the lagoon, a roast at the campsite, practice disciplines nautical as kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, among other sports.

In the urban area you can visit historic sites, Museum and large green spaces and also explore and discover the city walking, bike, motorcycle, or by your own car.

It is currently visited by tourist from our country and from different countries of the world for sightings of birds, practice sports, participation in Poker tournaments and sports competitions.

At different parts of the year, it has a wide range of entertainments and recreational spaces as the Casino, night (danceable bowling, pubs, shows, events, etc.) and the lagoon with its nature and everything what can be in it.

Melincu é possesses all the necessary services to make your stay enjoyable and you can visit the town on any date of the year.



It is placed in the Pampa region, to the South of the Santa Fe Province, the mirror of water, its islands and coasts make Laguna Melincué a place with lots of magic and encounter.

Different landscapes generated by the colour of waters, wind, dawn, dusk, the radiant sun, moon, sky, birds, different seasons, make each visit different, the environment of the lagoon is to enjoy all over the year.

Its shores were inhabited by native people “Pueblos Originarios”, it was a witness to the times of conquest and the foundation of Melincué. Internationally recognized since the beginning of the 20th century for its beaches, distinguished by a wetland´s biodiversity of birds, Laguna Melincué is a true natural attraction.

Reveal its secrets, it is found with oneself, the charm grows with the possibility of choosing what to do at each appointment. The lagoon and its geography, offers the alternative of sports, sailing, contemplation, leisure, recreation, fun and the opportunity of being in direct contact with the nature around the civilization. Melincué is the place for your stay.

Laguna Melincué discovers your own nature.


When visiting Melincué, the traveler should be told that it is a purely tourist destination, interacts the nature of Laguna Melincué and options that provides the people, next to personal motivation.

Its great ally is own autonomy; by cars or motorcycle in this way can combine his travels. If you arrive to Melincué in contracted or public transport you can navigate through the town on foot, security and small distances make it possible this routine.

Laguna Melincué is an attraction to discover, with different options in its coasts and the largest islands, accentuating the largest tourist offer in the summer season. Highlights ecotourism, sports activities (mainly aquatic sports), camping and popular shows.

Melincué has everything you need for the tourist, hotel operates throughout the year, various options make it a place with many nuances. You will find the calm of a town with nightlife and weekend activities.



  • MELINCUÉ CASINO & RESORT: POKER TEXAS HOLDEM, events and shows, RETRO holiday tournaments. TABLE GAMES- SECTOR V.I.P.




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